Regathering and Covid-19

We have begun worshipping in person and would love for you to join us. In order to do so safely, we want you to be aware of a few things:

The elders, Adam, and Dennis Seman met on Tuesday June 8, to discuss Westwood’s plans regarding Covid with the newest guidance from the CDC and Public Health Madison and Dane County.

  1. We will no longer screen people at the doors. However, we ask that you self-screen to the extent that, if you feel ill in any way, you will protect us and yourself by staying home and watching our live stream on Facebook or on our website on Tuesday.
  2. Masking will be voluntary for everyone. We do not want to get into questioning people who aren’t masked on whether they are vaccinated, so we are not going to require anyone to wear a mask if they do not want to. Please note, the CDC and PHMDC still recommend wearing a mask if you are unvaccinated. There are 2 important caveats here:
    1. First, if you want to wear a mask, you are welcome to do so. Any sort of mask shaming (or unmasked shaming) will not be tolerated. We welcome anyone who wants to attend and we want them to feel safe, seen, and cared for while worshipping with us.
    2. Second, in order to keep our children safe (who cannot yet be vaccinated) anyone teaching children’s Sunday school will be asked to wear a mask while doing so.
  3. We will leave the back 2 rows on each side of the sanctuary distanced. Most of the sanctuary will be returned to its pre-Covid arrangement, with rows closer together and aisles down the sides and middle. But, for those who want to maintain a level of safety with masks and physical distance, we will have sections for them near the back.
  4. Our worship team will be returning soon. I met with our worship team a few weeks ago to discuss their return to leading us on stage in singing. For a variety of reasons, we do not have people to play instruments that can be a part of this regularly so most weeks will involve our worship team leading us in songs with music played from our computer.
  5. Coffee and communion will return, but not yet. We will get to the point soon where we can make and serve coffee in the lobby but we are going to phase that back in slowly. You are still welcome to bring your own coffee and drinks. Additionally, with communion, we will eventually return to serving communion with trays that are passed but for the time being we will continue to use the pre-packaged as we exhaust the supply that we have purchased. 
  6. Adult Sunday School will return near the end of Summer. At this point, we feel that the fall will be a good time to launch some small groups, Sunday school classes, and other opportunities for fellowship. The summer is hard to get things going—even things that we used to do—with travel and holidays. If you want to teach a Sunday school class, let me know so we can start planning for the fall!
  7. Children’s Programming will remain as it has. We will continue to have children dropped off downstairs before service begins so that they have as much time as possible for their lesson, time together, and discipleship. Plans for Nursery/Pre-School during the worship service will be developed when the need arises.
  8. Sanitation. Our sanitation plan will stay as it has been for a few weeks now. Janet Anderson cleans every Saturday and has done a great job making sure the church is ready for worship.

If you have questions, please contact Adam Tomlinson (