Regathering and Covid-19

We have begun worshipping in person and would love for you to join us. In order to do so safely, we want you to be aware of a few things:

Masking: Personal face masks must be worn when in the building, with the exception of when we take communion.

Screening: In order to enter the building you must pass a health screening. Your temperature will be taken, and you will be asked about symptoms and exposure to Covid19. If you have symptoms or or your temperature is above 100, you will be asked to return home and worship online.

Sunday School: There is no adult Sunday School happening at this time.

Children’s Church: Children’s Sunday School takes place during the worship service in our lower level. Children can be dropped off downstairs in the classroom before service where they will remain until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up.

Seating: In order to physically distance households, half of the sanctuary chairs will be removed and the remaining chairs will be in rows 6 feet apart. We ask that as you enter you sit near the front so we can fill from front to back, leaving 3 chairs (~6 ft.) between you and other families.

Food and Drink: You can bring your own drinks or snacks but you are not permitted to share. We will not serve coffee, tea, or hot water in the church and our water fountain will be turned off.

Outbreak or Exposure: If Westwood is notified that someone who attended our church within the last 2 weeks has tested positive for Covid19, we will:

  • Ensure the building has been properly sanitized
  • Communicate with the staff and volunteers who were in attendance
  • Assess whether we need to cancel in-person services for 1-2 weeks.

Sanitation: Westwood has a sanitation plan that will be followed every week. This includes sanitizing the worship space after service on Sunday and a cleaning on Saturday.

If you have questions, please contact Adam Tomlinson (

A comprehensive look at our policies and procedures can be found here: Policies and Procedures.