Regathering and Covid-19

We have begun worshipping in person and would love for you to join us. In order to do so safely, we want you to be aware of a few things:

With the newest guidance from the CDC and Public Health Madison and Dane County, here is what we are doing:

  1. We are not screening people at the doors. However, we ask that you self-screen to the extent that, if you feel ill in any way, you will protect us and yourself by staying home and watching our live stream on Facebook or on our website on Tuesday.
  2. Masking is Optional In service
    • If you would like to wear a mask, please feel free to do so. You will not be judged and attention will not be drawn to you.
    • For our children, we are still asking masks to be worn in our children’s classrooms. This decision was made after having asked our families what they preferred.
  3. Children’s Programming will remain as it has. We will continue to have children dropped off downstairs before service begins so that they have as much time as possible for their lesson, time together, and discipleship.
  4. Sanitation. Our sanitation plan will stay as it has been for a few weeks now. Janet Anderson cleans every Saturday and has done a great job making sure the church is ready for worship.

If you have questions, please contact Adam Tomlinson (