Westwood has a long history of missions involvement, both domestic and abroad. We currently support six different missions and ministry organizations, and we evaluate how to designate our missions budget annually!

You can find information about the missions we support, as well as their latest newsletters on their corresponding pages:

The purpose of our Missions Ministry

  1. To provide financial support to missionaries and organizations whose purpose is to win people to a relationship with Christ.
  2. To strengthen and prayerfully support our missionaries and the home churches that sponsor them.
  3. To inform and update the Westwood members about our sponsored missions.
  4. To help facilitate short-term mission opportunities.

Be Missions Minded!

  1. Support short-term and long-term missionaries.
  2. Serve as a short-term or long-term missionary.
  3. Send letters, cards or packages to our missionaries.
  4. Commit to praying for our missionaries.
  5. Join the Missions Ministry.
  6. Stay informed about our missionaries.
  7. Volunteer to help at church camp, the campus ministry, or a new church plant.